It’s Deja Vu…All Over Again! – Sam Gearing Interview

We are pleased to welcome back second year Law Student, Sam Gearing as a Summer Intern. Sam worked with us last year and is back for more exposure and experience with our Firm. We asked Sam a few questions about his background and are excited to share what we learned.

Ever since he was a child, Sam has had a fascination with law, politics, and history. When he was in college, he spent a couple summers working with Congressman Mike Thompson’s office. However, the catalyst for Sam’s interest in helping others through the legal system was losing his family home in the 2017 Tubbs Fire, and bearing witness to over fifty other families he personally knew who lost everything in that firestorm. Sam’s godfather connected him with now-retired Anderson Zeigler attorney David Bjornstrom to learn more about his legal career.

AZ: Where did your interest in the law come from?

SG: “Following the Tubbs Fire, I really wanted to dedicate my life to serving those who are our friends and neighbors, and I thought that perhaps the best way I may be able to use my education and skills was through the law. I credit that phone call with Mr. Bjornstrom in 2020 with inspiring me to apply to law school and also, at his recommendation, catalyzing my interest in trusts and estates law. I like working with people, solving problems, and giving clients peace of mind! But truly, I think that the law is a direct and impactful way that we can give back to our community.”

AZ: How did your second year in law school differ from year one?

SG: “I don’t think that second year was necessarily harder or easier than first year, but it was different. I think in the first year I didn’t really know what I was doing, nor what to expect. By second year, I did have a better idea of what to expect, and I think that contributed to my confidence. I, like many, at times wondered during the first year, “am I meant to be here” but, once I got through it, I knew I could do it. I would say the biggest difference in the second year was the workload; perhaps it was due to my specific professors, but boy, some of them really enjoyed assigning homework!”

AZ: Why did you decide to come back to Anderson Zeigler for another summer internship?

SG: “I wanted to come back for several reasons. I really enjoyed the wide variety of projects I had the opportunity to either work on or observe. I really enjoyed getting to sit in on hearings, depositions, and even an arbitration- none of which I had ever seen before. The amount of exposure to legal fields I had never even considered was extremely valuable and appreciated, especially after returning to school and hearing how most of my classmates only got to work on one or two projects all summer. The AZ staff was absolutely spectacular and helpful in every way. I also really liked the Firm’s culture and collaborative environment, and the monthly happy hours and other team gatherings were a real treat.”

Sam, we’re glad you’re here and we promise to keep you busy and challenged!